Myth: I Don’t Need to Moisurise if I Have Oily Skin


This is the biggest beauty lie ever which I unfortunately succumbed to when I was younger. As a consequence, my skin became an atrocious disaster zone which I’m still in the process of fixing.

Here’s a little lesson on our skin:
When we hit puberty, a hormone (Androgen) causes our sebaceous glands (the glands which produce sebum/oil) to hit overdrive, which leaves some of us with open-pored, oily and acne prone skin. Some are lucky to grow out of this once we reach adulthood, but if you’re anything like me and super unlucky, the production can stick around for the long haul. In adulthood, our skin overproduces sebum when it becomes dry. It’s so important for everyone to realise that oily skin and hydrated skin are NOT the same thing! 

Oil DOES NOT equal hydration!

So, what makes oily skin worse?

Using cleansers that are too harsh and not moisturising are the two primary culprits for out of control, oily skin. Even just one of these can cause a vicious cycle of sebum overproduction.

How do I fix it?

  • Find a gentle, hydrating cleanser which contains salicylic acid as it helps reduce sebum production.
  • Moisturise on a daily basis with a lightweight moisturiser. It may take some time for your skin to develop a healthy cycle of sebum production.


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