Introducing Andy

Andy was born on Saturday the 1st of February at 8:41pm, weighing 3.332kg and measuring 53cm in length.
It seems Andy was waiting patiently for his daddy to come home. Ryan came home from working away on Friday afternoon. At 3:30am Saturday morning I suddenly woke an went to the bathroom despite not having to go. I felt this huge gush and realised my waters had broken. Five minutes later, the contractions began. 
We arrived at the hospital around 5am and I was handling the contractions well. At 7:30 I was offered morphine as pain relief and decided to take it just incase. Bad move. From the point the morphine kicked in I was vomiting between contractions. A freezing cold shower was my only relief until I received an epidural around 2pm. 
The epidural kicked in and the pain subsided until around 6:30. Contractions became more intense over time. By 7:00 I was 10cm dialated – finally! Unfortunately it wasn’t time to push, Andy’s head wasn’t low enough and the midwife couldn’t determine what position he was sitting in. 45 mins later his head lowered a little and my midwife determined that he was posterior. Hence my lengthened labour! She called for the doctor and suggested suction, which I wasn’t very keen on. While we were waiting for the doctor I have pushing a go. This was so difficult as I couldn’t feel anything. 
Luckily, by the time my doctor arrived, Andy was crowning. With amazing encouragement from Ryan, my mum, Andy’s godmother Kacey, my doctor and midwife, I was able to push Andy out naturally by 8:41pm. 
Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing beats the feeling of becoming a mother for the first time. Life has become so much more worth living. I’ve never been happier thanks to my beautiful little family. 


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