Surprising Beauty Benefits of Calamine Lotion

I’ve been on the search for a treatment for my stretch marks, acne and blemishes that would also combat this sensitive dermatitis-like rash I had developed on my face. After some quick research I decided to give Calamine lotion a try. 
Calamine lotion is a topical zinc-oxide treatment generally used as an anti-itching agent. It’s light pink in colour and can be found in most household medicine cabinets. 
Here’s a few ways Calamine lotion can be used:
1. Acne treatment 
2. Fading of blemishes & red acne scars
3. Relief from dermatitis, eczema & any other itchy, red rashes
4. Sunburn treatment 
5. Make-up Primer 
6. Moisturiser – I combine Calamine lotion with sorbolene cream and apply daily. 
As a kid I remember my mum using it on my chicken pox. It took away both the itching and the redness, a problem that I had with this rash too. Within a week of using it, the rash disappeared, my acne cleared up and the blemishes began to fade. I’ll keep you updated on the stretch mark situation, they are pretty bad and will take some significant time to fade. 

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