Surprising Beauty Benefits of Calamine Lotion

I’ve been on the search for a treatment for my stretch marks, acne and blemishes that would also combat this sensitive dermatitis-like rash I had developed on my face. After some quick research I decided to give Calamine lotion a try. 
Calamine lotion is a topical zinc-oxide treatment generally used as an anti-itching agent. It’s light pink in colour and can be found in most household medicine cabinets. 
Here’s a few ways Calamine lotion can be used:
1. Acne treatment 
2. Fading of blemishes & red acne scars
3. Relief from dermatitis, eczema & any other itchy, red rashes
4. Sunburn treatment 
5. Make-up Primer 
6. Moisturiser – I combine Calamine lotion with sorbolene cream and apply daily. 
As a kid I remember my mum using it on my chicken pox. It took away both the itching and the redness, a problem that I had with this rash too. Within a week of using it, the rash disappeared, my acne cleared up and the blemishes began to fade. I’ll keep you updated on the stretch mark situation, they are pretty bad and will take some significant time to fade. 

January Beauty Inspiration: Drew Barrymore

Drew has been an inspiration of mine for as long as I can remember. I believe true beauty comes from within and Drew’s bubbly personality is what makes her truly beautiful.

Having been in the industry since she was just six years old, it would be an understatement to say that Drew has had some experience in a make-up chair. From actor to producer to entrepreneur, this wonderful woman has recently launched her own cosmetic line Flower Beauty Makeup. Through her business, Drew offers quality cosmetics at very affordable prices.

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Drew’s philosophy? Happiness is the best makeup. She has a point. Ever noticed the most attractive girls are the ones who are always smiling or laughing? There’s nothing uglier than a scowl, no matter how perfectly proportioned your face is or how perfect your skin & smile are. I’m definitely taking a leaf out of Drew’s book to be more positive and happy. Be prepared to see loads of positive affirmations posted on this blog!


December Beauty Inspiration: Miranda Kerr

I don’t know many women who haven’t thought to themselves, “Gosh, I wish I looked like Miranda Kerr!” And who can blame us? The stunning model stemming from country New South Wales, Australia has had nothing short of an astonishing career, but still maintains the down to earth personality she is envied for. From becoming the first Aussie Victoria’s Secret Angel to budding entrepreneur with her organic skin care brand Koraorganics, it makes me excitably wonder what she could possibly achieve next.

Miranda’s top beauty tips:

  • Stay hydrated. (This is the key to her beautiful, glowing skin.)
  • Use organic skin care products. (She swears by her line, Koraorganics.)
  • Meditate regularly. (So that’s why she is so down to earth!)
  • Maintain dental hygiene. (Yes, we can all have teeth that pearly white.)
  • Use coconut oil to treat your hair. (Organic, check.)
  • Drink Noni Juice daily. (What’s a celeb without a juice obsession, am I right?)

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Miranda Kerr


Myth: I Don’t Need to Moisurise if I Have Oily Skin


This is the biggest beauty lie ever which I unfortunately succumbed to when I was younger. As a consequence, my skin became an atrocious disaster zone which I’m still in the process of fixing.

Here’s a little lesson on our skin:
When we hit puberty, a hormone (Androgen) causes our sebaceous glands (the glands which produce sebum/oil) to hit overdrive, which leaves some of us with open-pored, oily and acne prone skin. Some are lucky to grow out of this once we reach adulthood, but if you’re anything like me and super unlucky, the production can stick around for the long haul. In adulthood, our skin overproduces sebum when it becomes dry. It’s so important for everyone to realise that oily skin and hydrated skin are NOT the same thing! 

Oil DOES NOT equal hydration!

So, what makes oily skin worse?

Using cleansers that are too harsh and not moisturising are the two primary culprits for out of control, oily skin. Even just one of these can cause a vicious cycle of sebum overproduction.

How do I fix it?

  • Find a gentle, hydrating cleanser which contains salicylic acid as it helps reduce sebum production.
  • Moisturise on a daily basis with a lightweight moisturiser. It may take some time for your skin to develop a healthy cycle of sebum production.


The Lowdown: Exfoliation

Exfoliation: If you haven’t heard of it, now is the time to learn. It should be an imperative part of every person’s beauty routine, it’s basically the secret to glowing skin!

The top layer of our skin is made up of ‘dead’ keratinised cells. These cells can make us look flaky, dull and rough, without necessarily being dry. To help our complexion look smooth and fresh again, we need to gently remove these dead cells and reveal new ones hiding beneath.

We can exfoliate our faces by using a gentle scrub. These can be purchased just about anywhere or you can make one at home yourself. Here is a recipe for a scrub that exfoliates as well as treats acne and blackheads. The rest of our body can be exfoliated with a special glove (pictured). Use one of these in the shower with your favourite body wash, applying in a soft and circular motion. Need a little extra power? Combine the use of an exfoliating glove with a body scrub, hello new cells!

Depending on the condition and type of your skin, I recommend exfoliating 2-4 times per week. If you have sensitive skin, you will need to be extra gentle and exfoliate less. Those with dry skin, probably up to four times a week and people, like me, with combination/oily/normal skin should exfoliate 3 times per week.

Body Shop Exfoliating Glove $8.95

The Result?
Fresh, radiant, & glowing skin. Boost the benefits by moisturising daily, even if you have oily skin! I can’t stress this enough. Beauty begins with the most basic of care. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising are three super important, but so simple, ways of taking care of your skin.


Spring/Summer Hair Crush: Jessica Alba

Medium length with soft layers and ombre colouring – perfect summer hair. I know the world is going crazy over the pixie cut, but to be honest, I’m not a fan of it and unless you’re Beyonce herself, it’s kinda hard to pull off. This style suits most face shapes and is quite low maintenance. Less time in the bathroom and more time to enjoy the sunshine while it’s here!

Image Credit: Instagram/Jessica Alba